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It is interesting how many people require the use of a C PAP machine to sleep due to sleep apnea. There is some concern over long term use of this device causing damage to the lung due to a continual air blowing into them every night. Yet the side effects from sleep apnea have been noted as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and depression. An interesting article highlights a few remedies for the symptoms of sleep apnea, read on

The homeopathic remedy, arnica is often used for bumps and bruises to speed healing. Its applications can be extended to the symptoms osteoarthritis pain. One study found it useful for osteoarthritis of the knee. Read on

In the clinic we tailor suit remedies to the patient's unique symptoms and may use arnica as an adjunct to a constitutional remedy.

Recently I have completed an advanced course in homeopathy for cardiology which taught us how to use single homeopathics and tinctures to improve the patient's symptoms. We have seen excellent results in those who have taken treatment for a variety of health issues. I came across a study that found that using single homeopathic remedies, that are matched to one's symptoms was 25% more effective than the use of a placebo.

Campistranous, Lavout JL., et al. Hypertension Trial, Boletin Mexicano, 1999, 32, 42 - 47. 68 people suffering from mild to moderate hypertension were enrolled in a double-blind randomized clinical trial comparing individualized homeopathic therapy with placebo. Successful results were obtained with 82% of those using homeopathy compared with 57% of those using placebo.

Homeopathic medicines are excellent to help reduce the side effects from cancer treatments, such as rashes, pain and redness from radiation burns and nausea from chemotherapy drugs. Best of all homeopathic medicines don't interfere with the treatments, where as some herbs and supplements do.

 An interesting study done by Dr. Peter Fisher, the homeopath to the British Royal Family, found that two remedies, Traumeel mouthwash and calendula were effective in the treatment of the symptoms of .... read more

Over the years, in the clinic, we have seen a lot of children with ADD and ADHD symptoms. Some of these children's symptoms benefit from a constitutional homeopathic remedy. Other children do best with dietary changes, avoiding food sensitivities and supplementing with missing vitamins or minerals in their diet. Each child has a regime suited to their particular needs. Interestingly, a small study showed that children treated with single homeopathic remedies improved over the course of one year, whereas the other group of children that only received that same amount of time did not.

A comparative consecutive case series of 20 children with a diagnosis of ADHD receiving homeopathic treatment, compared with 10 children receiving usual care Read more

An interesting article asking if "Can Homeopathy Treat Cancer?" highlights that indeed yes, some of the research points in that direction. Homeopathic remedies are suited to one's symptom picture and there are many remedies that help with the symptoms of cancer, herein they mention some research on it. Read more

As you may or may not know, homeopathy is suited to an individual’s symptoms not a disease name. Homeopaths match a person’s unique symptoms to a remedy. If you don’t fit the picture of the remedies mentioned herein or you have a more complicated case, seek the help of a trained homeopath.

For those who are dependent on alcohol it can create a great rift in their professional career and family life. Homeopathic remedies can help with the symptoms of alcohol dependence. An example of some remedies that can cover the symptoms of dependence are mentioned herein:

  • Aurum Met. is useful for hypochondriacal drunkenness. They desire for alcohol and are depressed from business failure or financial losses.
  • Carduus Mar. is a good remedy for alcohol abuse especially beer, causing cirrhosis of the liver and water retention. They feel nausea and tend to have loose clay like stools.
  • Nux Vomica is useful for those who overwork, over indulge in food and alcohol. They tend to have a fiery irritable temperament who are sedentary.

If you need acute help with homeopathy, please contact us to book an appointment for a homeopathic tune up.