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While many other clinics have not succeeded in staying in practice, the Caruso Clinic has been serving Guelph and its surrounding area for the past 20 years. Heather Caruso's experience and thousands of hours of study has helped her to acquire a vast amount of knowledge on autoimmune, gastrointestinal, heart and neurological diseases, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, immune health and weight loss.

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This long term experience and knowledge benefits your health outcome. At the clinic we use a unique system of screening that sets us apart from other clinics. During a one on one session of care, we determine which type of screening, if any, would help our clients to achieve their health goals. We support the individual's unique biochemistry and supply it with missing nutrients and/or remove barriers to good health. We love our clinic because amazing things happen here!


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Although we tailor each person's care to their unique needs, we do have people seek our service for a variety of conditions or diseases. The beauty of natural medicine and homeopathy is that a diagnosis is not required for successful treatment. This is because we base your care on the your unique symptom picture. We effectively address the symptoms the body produces, by listening and interpreting its signs and symptoms. The body gives us powerful clues about how to best support it naturally.

PLEASE note we don't treat "disease" or diagnose disease but we do treat the patient's constitution and symptoms. We can improve the patient's health and can treat the person's symptoms improving their vitality.


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At the Caruso Clinic we offer one on one personalized natural health care. Each patient is unique and their health concerns are resolved by addressing their individual biochemistry and symptoms. In a nutshell, the care we offer helps our clients to achieve maximum health by properly screening them for barriers to good health and administering a natural fix. These barriers may be due to diet, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle, toxins or other imbalances. Depending on a person's symptomology we may do further tests, it all depends on the needs of our client.

In the first meeting the visit takes about an hour and a half to two hours to complete and follow up appointments are usually 45 minutes to one hour. In the first meeting, Heather Caruso sits down and gets a well rounded picture of your health and history. To get the information to best serve the client be prepared to be asked questions such as:

  • When do you feel like this?
  • When did this start?
  • What makes is better or worse?
  • Any other information you have about yourself, even if you may feel it is silly but a trigger or cause, we want to know. It is a good idea to think about your general health such as your energy, sleep, hormones, eating habits and digestion.

Depending on the needs and desires of the patient, we will recommend dietary changes and/or homeopathic medicine, supplements or herbal remedies to ensure that a patient achieves their health goals.


As we mentioned, we base our care on screening patients to find the best course of treatment for them. Treatments may include homeopathic medicine, supplements or herbs. We also may recommend dietary changes depending on the clients wishes and needs.

We do want to know what medicines you are taking from your doctor, so that we can ensure a safe merge between natural and western medicine.


Homeopathy is a 200 year old healing art. It is used worldwide by lay people and professional homeopaths. It is practiced in hospitals in many countries such as England, India and Germany. It is an inexpensive form of medicine that offers people a chance to heal deeply. Homeopathy has no side effects and is safe and gentle for any age or ailment. It can safely be used in conjunction with traditional medical treatment. It has a very different set of principles compared to Western medicine. This medicine is based on a person's unique set of symptoms rather than a disease name. Homeopathic medicine is prescribed for physical and emotional symptoms.

If two people have arthritis and visit a homeopath, they would be recommended different remedies based on their individual symptoms. For example, one person who aches when they sit, feels restless and better moving around may be prescribed Rhus Tox. Another person who has swollen, painful joints, is irritable and doesn't want to move, may be recommended the remedy Bryonia Alba.

Homeopathy is based on the theory that "like cures like". This means that a substance in a crude, undiluted form can produce the same symptoms in healthy people that we want to treat in the sick. For example, red onion causes the eyes and nose to water and burn when it is sliced. When red onion diluted and made into the homeopathic remedy, allium cepa, it can effectively reduce the same symptoms in those with allergies or colds. Homeopathic medicines are completely amazing because they are gentle, free of side effects but pack a powerful punch when treating dis-ease.


Vitamins and supplements are used in the clinic to address underlying deficiencies or for repair. At the clinic we may recommend vitamins, minerals and/or supplements (such as amino acids, omega 3 or 6 supplements). For example, we may recommend fish oil for those with arthritis and/or vitamin A for those with dry eyes. It all depends on the unique needs of the client. We may recommend tyrosine, selenium and/or iodine to someone who is lacking these nutrients and is presenting with symptoms similar to hypothyroidism.


Gemmotherapy is a type of herbal medicine that uses plant buds for their method of preparation. It was developed in France and it is believed that the embryonic tissue of plants carry the most potent information for healing. The harvesting of these plants is done at only certain times of the year so that the plant carries the highest amount of energy and phytochemicals possible. These remedies are prepared in a glycerine macerate base and may be prescribed to assist certain organs with drainage, detoxification or fortification.

For example, a popular gemmotherapy remedy called ribes nigrum, may be used to help support the adrenal glands when patients take the drug prednisone. It protects the gland from the drug's damaging side effects. This remedy is also used for seasonal allergies.


Did you know that 9 out of 10 Canadians will die from chronic disease that is largely preventable through diet, exercise and a smoke free lifestyle? We typically promote a whole food diet rich in fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, lean proteins, legumes and whole grains. However, dietary recommendations are based on the person's unique needs. In the Caruso Clinic we see a wide variety of cases that require individualized nutrition for example:

    • Weight loss is achieved by tailoring a dietary regime to a person's unique metabolism
    • Food sensitivities impede healing, so we may recommend screening to determine what foods are triggers. (Please note, we do not diagnose food allergies, that is a test that can be done with your family doctor)
    • People who are celiac, gluten or lactose intolerant may seek dietary guidance
    • Certain conditions may require a particular dietary regime to expedite healing, for example those with heart disease, autoimmune conditions, IBS, crohn's disease or colitis
    • Suggestions on how to stay healthy when a person is following vegetarian, vegan, low carb, paleo or ketogenic diets



The Caruso Clinic has a unique system of screening our clients to provide clues about their barriers to good health.Not all clients are required to do testing. However, testing helps us to tailor a natural solution (diet, homeopathy and/or supplement) to the individual's unique case. In doing so it helps people move towards their desired health outcome. In the clinic we offer natural health care by utilizing excellent screening tools that provide insight into a person's state of health such as:

      • Digestion (inflammation, absorption of nutrients, the balance of beneficial flora)
      • Hormone balance (male, female, thyroid, stress and mood)
      • Dietary and nutritional screening
      • Toxic burden
      • Supporting organs of elimination
      • Food and environmental sensitivities
      • Immune system
      • Oxidative stress


We use the following tools along with casetaking to determine which supplements, homeopathics or dietary measures that would best suited to your needs and desired health outcome. We test barriers to good health as mentioned above, with a variety of tools in our clinic:

Electrodermal screening is an amazing noninvasive tool designed by German physician, Dr. Reinhold Voll, in the 50's. Its use is very popular in Europe and with doctor's of environmental medicine. EAV testing is a quick and non invasive tool used to test for imbalances. It does not diagnose a disease per se but it gives clues as to how to proceed to best maximize treatment outcomes. EAV is a basic tool that measures the electrical resistance of the skin on an acupuncture point. It is well known that acupuncture points carry different electrical resistance than normal skin.

When an EAV probe is placed on an acupuncture point it can detect if there is a stress of excess in energy reflexes from the point. Acupuncture points carry energy through a merdian, which is a line that flows to and from a particular organ system. A low reading signifies a weakness in energy and need for support in the corresponding organ. High reading signify a stress or a need to tone down irritation in the affected organ.

The test is non invasive and typically done on the fingers and toes. One the day of the test do not wear skin lotion or creams because they interfere with the readings.

We use it to help screen our clients for organ stress or weaknesses through a meridian, test for supplement compatibility and/or food sensitivity testing. Please note this test does not check for immunoglobulin reactions and treat anaphylactic reactions. We do this test on each client that comes in. It helps us determine what remedies, vitamins or supplements will maximize the patient's health. It also is a good tool to gauge how a patient is progressing from visit to visit and if changes should occur in the remedy protocol.

Darkfield microscopy is a nutritional tool we love in the clinic. Darkfield microscopy or live cell testing is a unique test that provides useful information about a person's nutritional state. It doesn't diagnose a disease per se, but it does provide insightful information about one's health and how to better it.

Live cell testing provides markers for inflammation, oxidative damage, and can show what types of immune system cells one has such as basophils (allergic cells), lymphocytes (viral cells), (eosinophils) parasitic responses or neutrophils (general immune cells). It can provide nutritional clues about the balance of b vitamins, essential fatty acids such as omega 3s, iron stores and anti oxidants. Live cell testing also can provide hints about a person's digestion of protein and/or potential kidney health, with the appearance or uric acid crystals. Fat particles also appear in the blood and may be due to not fasting prior to the test, poor fat digestion, liver or gallbladder conditions and if a person has high cholesterol. Please not this test doesn't diagnose high cholesterol, that is a test that needs to be done through a medical doctor.

To prepare for the test fast at least four hours and be sure to drink plain water prior to coming. Don't consume pork or chocolate 24 hours before your test. 

BIA testing, or bioimpedance analysis tests people's unique body composition. It measures the reactance and capacitance in the body. This tool can accurately approximate a person's body fat percentage, lean body mass and the number of calories they burn a day. This is very useful information when recommending a unique dietary plan.

Other lab testing and screening, may be requested depending on our the client's unique needs.

A personalized dietary analysis is done on those who wish guidance to ensure optimum nutrition through healthy eating.

Please note we do not offer testing for non clients due to the amount of time we spend with our regular clients.

To book an appointment at the Caruso Clinic, please call toll free 1 866 249 5755 or 519 827 9237.

For new patients who would like a risk free, complimentary information session, where you can ask questions about how we can help you, click here.


At the Caruso Clinic we do one on one consultations or phone and skype appointments for those who are out of town.

We offer a variety of times to suit your schedule. Due to the amount of time and care we dedicate to each person's case, we require that clients book an appointment.

Mon: 9 A.M. - 8 P.M.
Tue: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.
Wed: 12 P.M. - 8 P.M.
Thu: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.
Fri: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

To book an appointment at the Caruso Clinic, please call toll free 1 866 249 5755 or 519 827 9237.

For new patients who would like a risk free, complimentary information session, where you can ask questions about how we can help you, click here


Initial Visit: 1.5 hours, includes intake of health history, nutritional assessment, organ stress testing and recommendations which may include diet, homeopathic remedies and/or supplements to address the client's health goal.

  • Adults, 225.00 plus HST
  • Children, Students, Seniors, 195.00 plus HST


Repeat Visit: 45 minutes to one hour, includes an assessment of new or ongoing symptoms, re-evaluation of their current remedies and health state. Adjustments are made to suit the changing and ongoing health needs of the client. Please note if you haven't been in to the clinic in over 3 years, you will be required to do an initial visit not a repeat visit, to review all of your symptoms again.

  • Adults, 85.00 plus HST, If booking 3 months or later after their last visit, 95.00 plus HST (for file review) 
  • Children, Students, Senoirs, 65.00 plus HST, if booking 3 month or later after their last visit, 75.00 plus HST (for file review)


Acute Conditions: Acutes, 60 minutes, 65.00 plus HST for students, seniors and children, 85.00 plus HST for adutls. (Please note we only do acute prescribing for regular clients. Acute prescribing means when you have an acute condition like a virus such as cold, flu, acute sinus infection, fevers, ear infections, sore throat, injuries etc.The clinic offers Skype or phone consultations to help keep a client comfortable.


In Office Testing: for regular clients only:

  • Live Cell Testing, 75.00 plus HST (not including the cost of the visit, see initial or repeat visits). Please note that the homeopath, holistic nutritionist will not be performing a finger prick test on the patient. Please contact us for details.
  • Food Sensitivity Testing, 75.00 plus HST
  • Hair Mineral Analysis 75.00 plus HST, prices may vary due to lab testing.

For your convenience we have some forms for you to print and fill in.

Please answer the questions in the questionnaires as accurately as possible and bring them to your next visit with us.

  1. Intake forms for new patients, Adults and Seniors
  2. Intake forms for new patients, Children and People Under 18 Years Old
  3. To ask for homeopathic coverage, please print this form and submit a copy to your employer's benefits co-ordinator and to your insurance company.
  4. Identify which areas of your body are showing signs of stress with the Identi-stress questionnaire.
  5. Target what areas of the body are in need of support with the HAQ questionnaire.
  6. What is your menopause type? Find out with this questionnaire.

To book an appointment using our convenient online appointment booking system, click here to book online. Otherwise please call the office at 519 827 9237 Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 5:00pm.

Office Policies

Our office works by appointment only.

Cancellation Policy: Please note if you book an appointment we require 48 hours notice, during business hours to cancel it, or full fees apply.

Office Get Acquainted Chat Policy: Heather Caruso offers a free get acquainted chat, reserving a 30 minute time slot for potential new clients who have questions about how the clinic may help. This chat is a risk free opportunity for someone to ask questions about their health, meet Heather, see what our clinic offers and if they feel this would be a good fit for their health care journey. This session is not a treatment in itself.

This time may not be used for any other purpose such as solicitation for advertising, media interviews, homeopathic mentoring or supplement sales. 

Since we have dedicated this time away from our regular clients and their care, we ask that if a person needs to cancel their booked time, please give us 48 hours notice. Should someone forget their time, they are welcome to call the office with questions regarding treatment at 519 827 9237. Our policy is to not rebook missed get acquainted chat since we have reserved a half an hour already. 

Office Scent Free Policy: We are a scent free facility, please refrain from using scented body sprays, perfumes and colognes on the day of your appointment, out of respect for those with chemical sensitivities.

Office International Policy: Please note we do not treat international patients. We only treat clients from Canada and the United States. If you are from another province or the United States please request a skype chat. If your area code is from another country, not in North America, the appointment will be cancelled without notice.