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The homeopathic remedy, Secale Cor has many indications in homeopathy. In homeopathy, remedies are suited to someone's unique symptom picture rather than a disease name so this remedy is in fact suited to to older people or women of lax muscular fibre. This remedy has symptoms of burning, nerve pains here and there. Burning in the stomach and abdomen. Blood may be thin, copoius, black or offensive in uterine bleeding. The patient may have cramps and spasms in their fingers or toes. They may develop ulcers related to poor circulation and a creeping sensation in their limbs. They may have numbness in the limbs and a loss of sensation. Their legs and feet may be quite numb and cold to touch. It is often used in cases of heavy menstrual bleeding, diabetic ulcers, peripheral vascular disease and neuropathy due to the over lap in their symptoms.

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