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Happy New Year, About Olive Leaf, Homeopathic First Aid


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Caruso Homeopathy
Natural News
January 2018 • Issue 2

Happy New Year!

     As I look back on 2017, it was a crazy busy year and I have plans to clear away some distractions to better focus on serving and educating my homeopathic friends and patients in an efficient and speedy manner. I am grateful that after 20 years of practice, I still love my job, I am healthy, happy and have the energy to share with our community all of the great things that natural medicine has to offer.

The Medicinal Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract or Olea Europea

     Olea Europea, is a herbal remedy that is made from the olive plant. Olive leaf extract has been used since ancient Egyptian times. They contain many medicinal compounds that have antioxidant, heart healthy, anti-inflammatory and hypoglycemic properties. Oleuropein is a compound found in olive leaves that are particular good for high cholesterol and heart disease. A study published in the journal “Phytomedicine” in 2011, found that 500mgs of olive leaf extract twice daily was as effective as a medication called Captopril in reducing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in stage one hypertension. This compound also helps to reduce LDL cholesterol, certain types of cancers and coronary artery disease. Olive leaf seems to have anti clotting properties, which helps when someone is pre-disposed to stroke and blood clots. Thus it would not be indicated in those who use blood thinners. According to some French books on gemmotherapy this is an excellent remedy for atherosclerosis.

     Another study published in the Molecular Nutrition Food Research journal in May of 2009, found that olive leaf crude extracts were found to inhibit cell proliferation of human breast adenocarcinoma (MCF-7), human urinary bladder carcinoma (T-24) and bovine brain capillary endothelial (BBCE). The dominant compound of the extracts was oleuropein; phenols and flavonoids were also identified.

     This compound is helpful for fevers, for malaria and acts as an anti-fungal. A study published in the journal “Mycoses” in April of 2003, found that olive leaf extract, was able to kill almost all bacteria it was exposed to and as well candida albicans a common yeast infection.

     Another positive aspect of olive leaf extract is that it has positive effects on brain function and can reduce dementia and alzheimer’s disease. It is postulated that the compounds in olive leaf extract help to reduce inflammation that free radicals use to damage brain cells. It is used as a glycerine macerate, in gemmotherapy and is indicated in elderly patients with reduced intellectual function. It is useful for conditions like vascular dementia. It is also indicated in facial neuralgias and may be useful in those with phobic neurosis.

     In those with diabetes due to a fatty liver, olive leaf may be of use. It supports both liver and kidney function and helps reduce fatty degeneration of these organs. Some research shows that olive leaf extract is helpful for arthritis pains. Olive is also used in Bach flower remedies and is indicated for those who have a lack of interest in present life circumstances. They are exhausted, weary and have a hard time completing tasks. They are disinterested and lethargic. It may be indicated in those who have been sick for a long time or in social service jobs.

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Whats New?

We now have Homeocan First Aid kits in the clinic for those who would like to have one on hand for their medicine chest. It contains 17 regular sized single remedy vials, calendula cream and a tincture called phytogargle, in a case with a handy therapeutic index.

The cost is 105.50 plus HST.

Homeopathy For First Aid Situations

Homeopathic remedies are very useful in first aid situations. It is wise to have a homeopathic first aid kit at home, to use incase of emergency.
• It is safe and gentle
• Can be used in any illness along with other medications safely, as long as the potency is higher than a 6CH.
• Homeopathic medicine can be made from plant, animal or mineral matter.
• Remedies are very diluted and carry an energy pattern that stimulates one healing mechanism to wake up.
• There are no side effects with homeopathy.
• However, some people may have a healing reaction when they take a remedy because it stimulates the body to heal. For example, a fever to burn off an illness, frequent bowel movements or urination to pass a bad bacteria. This is in five percent of patients, most feel a movement towards wellness without a healing reaction.
• It has been used for over 300 years by the British Royal Family
When you take a homeopathic remedy, typical potency is a 30CH unless otherwise recommended.
It usually comes in pellet form and one would take 4-6 globules under the tongue, every two hours in acute situations and three times a day in a non acute situation. The pellets are sugar pellets and the remedy is saturated into the little globule.
If it is a liquid form, take 3 drops for a child under the age of five or 5 to 10 drops for an adult or child over the age of 6. If you take them, put them in water or put them under your tongue. Beware they are an alcohol base so they may burn a little under the tongue.
Remedies should be taken in between meals, a half hour before or after eating, avoiding mints, camphor, aromatic things right around the dose of your medicine.
Arnica Montana is the top homeopathic remedy for healing. It is useful for any injury, cuts, bruises, sprains. Even useful for old injuries that are still bothersome.
Keynotes of this remedy are:
• feeling lame, bruised feeling, as if beaten
• everything they lie on is too hard
• Say they are all right but are injured
• Worse at rest, when lying
• Better from motion and contact
Typically it is given in a 30CH potency, four pellets under the tongue, every few hours as needed for healing. It is available in a cream or gel as well, but it not recommended for open skin only on sprains, bumps and bruises.
This remedy is made from the venom of the honey bee. It is the best remedy for insect bites or stings, where the symptoms are as follows:
• Burning, stinging and sore pains
• Swelling and puffiness of the effected areas
• Worse for heat, getting wet, but better from washing or being exposed to cold water
• Better for open air, cold water or bathing, changing position and sitting up
Take a 30CH potency every two hours as needed. Also comes in a gel for bites.
Aconite is made from Monkshood. It is typically given in acute situations where there is an acute shock, panic attacks or problems after exposure to cold dry wind
Symptoms include:
• great anxiety, restlessness and fear of mind, nervous, cannot go out into a crowd, excitement with many people around them
• Fear with pain down arm, as if heart attack (Call 911)
• Sure they will die and predict the day
• First stage of colds, ear aches, croup cough after exposure to cold wind
• Tossing about in agony, intolerant to pain
• Burning thirst for large quantities of cold water
• Worse after fright, exposure to dry cold winds and drafts
• Better in open air
• Useful for broken and fractured bones
• Kids with teething troubles, painful teeth, too many cavities, malformed teeth (see chamomilla)
• Irritable types
• Complaints get worse on thinking about them (see blood pressure rising on thinking of it)
• Helps form callouses in broken bones to union pieces (symphytum)
• Head and stomach aches in school kis
• Worse in cold damp, changeable weather, east winds, mental exertion, melting snow
• Better in summer, warm dry, atmosphere
• Made from marigold, usually used as a cream or ointment, or tincture
• Used to help heal wounds and prevent infection and pus
• Can be used on surgical wounds to help healing
• Neuritis from lacerated wounds (hypericum)
• Ruptured muscles and tendons
• Painful ulcers
• Pain as if beaten
• Prevents infection
• Non union of bones (calc phos and symphytum)
• Apply cream, ointment or tincture locally, can be used in homeopath potency as well internally.
• People who become exhausted or have ailments from a loss of vital fluids, perspiration, bleeding, nose bleeds, menstrual flow, diarrhea, lactation or ejaculation
• Used as a herb for malaria
• Water retention from excessive menses, diarrhea
• Apathy in those who are sick, become depressed and gloomy
• Headache as if skull would burst, worse lying, sitting, must stand or walk
• Worse for slight touch, pain, drafts of air, nerves sensitive, every other day, mental emotions, loss of fluids
• Better for hard pressure, bending double
• Puncture wounds or traumas to nerve rich areas, like toes and feet
• Electric like shocks or shooting pains
• Injuries to spinal cord after a fall on the coccyx
• Helps along with ledum for puncture wounds to the skin to prevent lock jaw
• Headaches with a sensation of being lifted into the air, with anxiety lest he should fall
• Bunions or nerves that show nerve involvement
• Convulsions after a blow to the head (yes 911!)
• Ailments from grief, long standing, loss of loved one, illness, death, romantic heart break, disappointments
• Moody changes from weeping to laughing, sorrow to joy
• Mental and physical exhaustion from grief
• Involuntary sighing
• Easily offended when in an off mood
• Cannot bear smell of tobacco
• Sensation of a lump in the throat
• Ignatia is a remedy for contradictions, like roaring in the ears > music, piles better walking, empty feeling in stomach not better eating, cough worse by coughing
• Useful for hangovers, eating bad food, where one becomes cramped and constipated, urging to stool
• Nausea with desire to vomit, would feel better to vomit
• During a fever must be covered, doesn’t matter if they are cold, hot
• Cannot move or uncovered without becoming chilled
• Ailments from sedentary life, sitting too long, using stimulants like drugs, caffeine or alcohol excessively
• Sore low back
• Irritable types, angry, sensitive to noise, odors
• Aggravation in the morning, waking at 4am, mental exertion
• Better in the evening, lying down, in damp weather
Homeopathic remedies are excellent in acute situations. Don’t hesitate to contact 911 in emergencies.

Heather Caruso is a holistic nutritionist and homeopath who has been practicing for 20 years in Guelph Ontario. If you would like more information on homeopathy for health or to order a homeopathic first aid kit contact us through




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