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Office Opening during Covid Restrictions and Springtime Allergy support


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Natural News
May 2020 • Issue 2

Office Openings and Restrictions

     Please note the government has approved us to see clients in person with some restrictions. If you come in person you will be required to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. On entering you will need to use hand sanitizer. If you are early to your appointment kindly wait in your vehicle to respect social distancing.  

     If any of the following symptoms are present, please note, that you will need to do your appointment remotely via phone, skype or zoom:

1. If you have fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

2. If you have been exposed to anyone with acute respiratory distress or COVID in the last two weeks.

3. If you have traveled outside of Canada in the past two weeks.

4. If you have two or more of these symptoms:

  • sore throat
  • hoarse voice
  • difficulty swallowing
  • decrease in sense of taste or smell
  • headache
  • chills
  • unexplained fatigue
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • pink eye conjunctivitis
  • runny nose
  • nasal congestion without cause

     Thank you, and I look forward to seeing everyone. Please make a note for me when booking your appointment if you are coming in person or want a zoom, skype or phone chat.

     Please note I have a list of people who are waiting to get in so please use the online booking system to set your appointment up. If you do it correctly you will get an email notice. Book an appointment online now.

In Office Specials, While Supplies Last

Homeocan First Aid Kit, Regular Price 98.00, Sale 78.40 plus HST. Save 20.40. 


 This kit contains 19 common remedies, calendula ointment and a throat gargle for your natural medicine chest. Good for things like acute viruses, sore throats, ear aches, bumps and bruises.

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  • C buffered with bioflavonoids, 90s (immunity, vein health), 35.90 each

  • Aronia, Freeze dried, 900mg per capsule, 90s. (cystitis), 46.30 each

  • MSM, 60 (joints, antioxidant, liver support), 27.60 each

Springtime Allergies

   The beauty of homeopathy is that it helps with the symptoms of springtime allergies without any of the side effects from common prescription or over the counter treatments for allergies such as sleepiness. Homeopathy is suited to a person's symptoms and not the disease name. It is very individualized. If you find the remedies don't help with your symptoms or the symptoms don't fit your case, book a proper tune up to find your individualized remedy.

     Remedies are often found in a 30CH potency at your local health food store. The typical dosage for allergies, is four pellets under the tongue, in between meals every three hours or as needed. Herein are some common remedies for allergies:

Allium Cepa has symptoms similar to the nose running like a tap. The eyes also water but don't burn like the nasal discharge can. The skin under the nose can become raw and red from the running. These types tend to feel worse in warm rooms, on the left side, in the afternoon and evening and better in open air.

Arsenicum Iodatum is a remedy that is useful for people who have symptoms of allergies that make them feel restless causing them to move about. They may feel hot in general and their nasal or eye discharge is burning and watery.

Sabadilla is a common remedy for allergies for people who have a tremendous amount of sneezing. They are worse from coldness, odors and perfume. They get itching and tingling in the nose with thin, watery discharge. They feel better with warm drinks and being warm.

Wyethia is a remedy that has a lot of itching in the nose, throat, palate and sometimes right into the ears. You may know someone who tries to itch their palate with their tongue but forcing it back and forth over the area.










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