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Natural News
April 1 2020 • Issue 1
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Hello my friends! Caruso Clinic is still open to help serve our clients in need. We are an essential service.

For everyone's safety, we are doing appointments through telephone or skype chats only at this time. We offer natural medicine, herbs, homeopathy and supplements. Together we will get through this. Book an appointment online now.

Keeping Your Immune System Strong and The Coronavirus

    With all of the media attention on the latest virus outbreak that causes severe respiratory illness it is no wonder Canadians are searching for ways to keep their immune system boosted. First of all don't panic. Socially isolate, wash your hands and stay grounded. A lot of schools are offering free online learning, we can make crafts or read books. Call someone you have been meaning to! This too shall pass.

     Many people are already suffering with typical winter infections such as colds, sinus infections and coughs. Here are five simple tips to keep your immunity humming and respiratory illnesses at bay. 

     1. Avoid sugar and sweets. Sugar (cane, beet, succanat, turbinado, honey, agave, maple syrup) and refined carbohydrates (such as white flour, white rice) help viruses to take off in the body because microbes grow when they are fed simple sugars. This creates a toll on the immune system. If one eats too many sweets it also causes an imbalance in our natural flora found in our sinuses, lungs, gastrointestinal (GI) and urogental tracts. When our flora is imbalanced, it impedes our immune system because our GI tract holds three quarters of our lymphatic system, which is our main immune defence. You may notice that children that go to birthday parties or sleepovers and eat a lot of candy come home sick from eating sweets to their heart's content and lack of sleep.

     2. Consider using these particular probiotic strains, which target  respiratory viruses, called lactobacillus paracasei 8700 2 and lactobacillus planatarium HEAL 9, found in Ultra Flora Cold Control. Consumption of these probiotics decrease one's susceptibility to cold by 67% and reduced illness time by almost 25%

     3. Be sure to correct any nutritional deficiencies in zinc, vitamin D3 and vitamin C. These vitamins are excellent immune boosters. A typical dose of zinc is 15 mgs once or twice daily with meals. For vitamin D3, take 1000 up to 5000IU per day with a meal that contains fat to aid in absorption. Vitamin C dosage runs from 1000mgs to 5000mgs per day in divided doses. If you get loose stools cut the dose back as needed. 

     4. Get proper sleep. When people are run down physically and emotionally due to stress and/or a lack of sleep, they are more susceptible to respiratory viruses. Some believe there are emotional triggers to health concerns and having cough or laryngitis is linked to stress where someone is unable to speak their truth. Be sure you make changes to your lifestyle that help you to minimize stress.

     If that doesn't help your sleep, try some natural sleeping aids. Some herbs such as oatstraw, passionflower, valerian, chamomile or hops can be quite helpful. They are often found in over the counter sleepy time teas and don't have the list of dangerous side effects that prescription sedatives do. Calcium and magnesium are also beneficial for a relaxing sleep. Take these products an hour before going to bed. 

     5. Herbs such as astragalus, cat's claw, black cumin sap, echinacea and mushrooms such as chaga, cordeceps, reishi and shitake all boost immunity.Try making a hot wild mushroom soup!

     6. In office we use homeopathic blends such as:

  • For immune boosting Caruso Lymph and Immune Lymph daily and thymuline once per week.
  • For flu symptoms, InfluMed.
  • For coughs and lung support, Caruso Pulmo
  • For sinus congestion, Caruso Sinus

     Homeopaths have been discussing the COVID-19 and what remedies best address the symptoms of it. These have been the top ones discussed arsenicum album, justicia and gelsemium. Remedies are best matched to ones symptoms.Everyone is different and not one size fits all.

For all other issues, I recommend a tune up. If you would like more information on how we can help you, please contact us. We are doing telephone or skype chats for people at this time.

Due to the high number of inquires, we have compiled a list of of immune boosting and viral supplements we have available. Please note we only dispense to our clients.  


  • Bio Defense a herbal blend taken internally for upper respiratory viruses $19.00
  • Vapo Gorge throat spray for sore throats, $19.00
  • Black Cumin SAP, 60 23.60
  • Astragalus SAP, 90 $48.70
  • Astragalus MT, 100mls 42.00
  • Echinacea and Goldenseal, 100mls 42.00
  • Andrographis 30MLS 30.00


  • Thymuline 4, 6 or 9CH, take four once a week to boost immunity or twice daily if sick, Homeopathic remedy
  • Caruso Lymph drops 30 mls $30.00 Immune booster
  • Caruso ImmunLymph 30 mls $30.00 Organotherapy, deeper immune boosting
  • Caruso Sinus drops 30 mls $30.00 Sinus congestion, sinus headaches.


  • Zinc Glycinate, 120s 23.90
  • Zinc Lozenges, 100 22.50
  • Buffered C with Bioflavonoids, 90 caps $35.90
  • Ultra Flora Cold, probiotics with two strains helpful against viruses $36.95

These are available while supplies last. Please contact us to place an order, click here or call 519 827 9237.


Natural Remedies for Stress

Natural remedies can be quite helpful for stress and anxiety. with the side effects of medications.

Homeopathic remedies are helpful and work without side effects, they are tailored to someone's symptoms for example:

Aconite is a remedy that help with fear that comes on after a frightful event such as a car accident. These types may have panic attacks, a sense of doom and fear death. These symptoms are very acute and can cause heart palpitations, vertigo and full on panic.

Argentum Nit is a hot remedy. These types have anticipatory anxiety, and tend to sweat and develop loose stools when stressed.

Arsenicum Album types tend to be restless, anxious and fear disease. They are types who see their doctor a lot but are difficult to reassure. They tend to be cold and better for warmth.

Causticum types are sensitive, idealistic people who cannot tolerate injustice or seeing others suffer. These types feel better in wet and rainy weather and tend to joint problems.

Kali Phos is a great remedy for people who are burned out for overdoing things, working, studying or keeping late hours. These types tend to be extroverted and become very sensitive to watching the news.

Caruso Relax is a homeopathic blend that helps people to relax or sleep.

There are many more homeopathic remedies but they are tailored to a person'sunique symptom picture.

Herbal remedies such as:

Ashwagandha, ginseng and rhodiola are herbs that are known as adaptogens. They support the adrenal gland whether over or underactive.

Chamomile, Passiflora Incarnata and valerian are herbs that have sedative properties.

Happiness bark is a herb that helps with depression and to calm the mind. Read more.

Blends such as

Caruso Calm helps provide a feeling of calm when people feel anxious. It contains glycine, GABA, magnesium, theanine, B5, tyrosine and P5P.

Cortisol Manager help reduce high cortisol levels that impact sleep and focus.

Depression formula helps to improve serotonin levels combining minerals with a few erbs such as rhodiola, st johns wort and P5P for example.

Serenagen is a herbal blend that help when someone feels tired and wired. They cannot sleep because they are too restless.

Adrenal SAP is a blend that helps when the adrenal glands are burned out.

Peaceful sleep, is a useful remedy for relaxing and having a good nights sleep. It contains, tryptophan, passionflower, lions mane, schizandra, rehmannia.

Homeopathic First Aid Kit 

We are jazzed about our clinic having Homeocan's first aid kits available for on sale for $98.00 (regularly 125.00). This kit contains 19 common remedies for your natural medicine chest. Good for things like acute viruses, sore throats, ear aches, bumps and bruises. In office only. 

Caruso Homeopathic Clinic, Guelph Ontario
519.827.9237 or Toll free 1.866.249.5755

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